I Want to go to Vegas


I’m not depressed, just bored. I really want to go to Vegas. Maybe I can get one of those packages, airfare and three nights with free buffets and a complimentary show. I will eat steak and lobster and get followed around high-end shops by menacing looking security guards with thin mustaches.  Sit on the blackjack table hitting seventeen every time, much to the chagrin of everyone at the table, which leads to me getting into an argument with the pit boss over my table etiquette and the nature of reality. Eventually, hiding in restroom from undercover satanists masquerading as cocktail waitresses. I will try to sneak to my room and somebody will slip microfilm with classified information in my pocket leaving me to be pursued by Russian spies with thick necks. I will have to hotwire a car and drive to Los Angeles and deliver the sensitive document to a beautiful Norwegian who is obsessed with bossa nova and Isabel Allende. Without fail, I fall in love and sneak out the bathroom door after an argument over the television remote. Ending up working in a bookstore in Encino before I am informed Interpol wants to talk to me about a situation at the French embassy in Morocco. I will start wearing a disguise, become a Scientologist, take up the trumpet and start an improvisational jazz quartet. Until, of course, I discover the Great Secret and yearn for the quietude of dogs sleeping and laundry, watching the big game before taking a nap and dreaming of something more. So for now, I will fight this traffic and resign myself to monotonous labor and my simple life, but I really want to go to Vegas.

Jasper Kerkau

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


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  1. I love Vegas. Nothing like that has happened to me, tho. Yet. 😉
    Great piece!


  2. Nam H Nguyen says:

    I read this as ‘I want to go vegan’. lol.
    Is Vegas really all it’s made up to be? I don’t live in America you see, and I always come across these Vegas memes and stereotypes.


    1. Vegas is an ideal. A concept that probably isn’t real. It isn’t all that but for one trapped in a mundane life it is a daydream. A place where magic happens.

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      1. Nam H Nguyen says:

        Sounds like a marketing line!


  3. lol!! Loved this Jasper 😊 it just put a big smile on my face. Of course…I don’t mind telling you….I hate Vegas!! So I’m glad your just ‘dreaming’😂


    1. Shattered dreams. LOL.

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