Misfit by Devon Balwit

Whisper and the Roar


[Misfit by Devon Balwit, art by  Catrin Welz Stein]

You must be cisgender if you have to Google it, opening

yet more pages because you’re stumped by what conforming

to your birth gender means and want somebody to clarify cis

on the same sideof—and now you’re truly baffled

as you’ve never conformed, walking like a pirate

in your flat-soled shoes, no makeup, always wearing

what got you laughed at, and you’ve never shared a side

with your same-gendered peers, diabolical ever-exploding

mines in the unmarked fields of every day.  Even now,

you can’t remember a single name from that time and are

gripped by PTSD panic when you enter a school building.

You are cisif youfeel there is a match between your assigned

gender and your identity—A match?  You remember trying

to match, find a match, camouflage yourself, woo and be wooed

by, to…

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