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Ks - Poetography

I stood at a safe distance

and I discovered

it wasn’t safe at all

The sultry air

pressed my skin

It forced my pores open

My body

is liberated

from the thought

of you

for only a foolish moment

I innocently imagined

a world without you

persistently obstructing my mind

I run my fingers

through my saturated hair –

mimicking where your fingers

used to tenderly grasp

and I am not satisfied

The thought of your breath


on my neck

is so tempting

in the worst way

If I allow myself

one more

foolish moment

it will lead

to danger


or worse

We’re an endless circle

me and you

you seized me

my vulnerabilities

and transformed me

or maybe

I transformed myself

into a monster

craving superfluous amounts

of your precarious affection

Its unpredictability

lured me

closer and closer

I felt so alive

that I died inside

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