Cut and Seen-Olde Punk

Provocative work from Olde Punk

RamJet Poetry


Depraved corpse grin

single serving plutonium

light up my life

crowded meanderings

in sloven solitude

burden of proof

fall through my roof

killing my wife and kids


tomorrow, God willing

return favors

throw the larger stone

vestigial demesnes of dark dynasty

larders full with broken bones

Giger portraits of hunger

prancing lust at the mini-mall

mini bar miniature minds

mini skirmishes

combating combative compassionate characters contemplating corrosion cornerstone concomitance combining correlations creating chaotic conditions compelling connotations considering compliance court ordered conundrums

cut and scene

seen to be one

or the other

not both or


eat your cake and have it

two or three

but not four

why o why

not anymore

sail the sea inside of me

forever sworn


complete unabbridged

editions of addition

subtracting tact

you can’t make me

Notion of emotion

commotion noises to make choices

heads on stakes

feeding heads of state

steak diane

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