The Light Pours Out of Me-S. K. Nicholas

Deep truth from S. K. Nicholas

S. K. Nicholas


Deadfucks and gasoline and eroded enamel from drinking too many fizzy drinks. Lady bumps and ankle socks and fantasies involving a sea of broken wood that drowns a thousand Japanese workers as they stand in awe of the tsunami that comes racing towards them just like a comet. Blue Eyes. Green eyes. Dreams of mutilated dogs that whimper while licking their paws at the edge of reason. Red lips and bite marks on tightened throats because a taste of something sweet is what drives us to keep doing what we do. Beer and penetration. Night swimming and vampires from Scotland who butcher the innocent while over in America they make enough porn to outweigh all the angels in heaven. But we are what we are, and the dirtier the better because sin is what helps us in not fitting in. While you put on your stockings and comb your hair…

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