Just Let Me Sleep In Peace-Christopher Bland/Listening With Your Soul

Mesmerizing poetry from Listening with Your Soul’s Christopher Bland

Listen with your Soul

Let me overdose…

There is no better

Feeling to me than

Being closer to death.

I tried reaching for the

Sky and my hands

Shattered in to a

Million syringes filled

With the best option.

Toxic… I know but I love

The feeling. No one

Can hold me better than

You blanketing my pain

With your warm plush sweat

Itchy chain smoking love.

When the people that I

Trusted the most left me

For dead and I know you

Can make me ill

Sometimes I still chase

The first rush you’ve given

Me. Sometimes I need

You so bad. You are

Quickly becoming bad for

My heath and wellbeing.

So if you see my eyes rolling

And my body cold with

A blue color on my lips.

Just leave me for the coroners

And that icy slab of steal.

Draining my body’s liquids

Then donating my internal

Organs. Then now…

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