Death and Lettuce

Maria Gianna Iannucci of Reflections on Existence evokes our senses

Reflections on Existence

She said

the doctor


like Death

and lettuce.

Not dead lettuce,

that is a different texture

all together;

But crisp, raw

green, watery, sweet,

warm in the sun –


And Death

thick quilted air,

wet wool coat,

rotting tomato

split wide

and oozing seeds,


like shaving cream

black stubble

slain on the compost pile,

oasis for flies –


She should have smelled like

pumpkin seeds,


blush and bloom,

germinating –

tendrils climbing



Yet she will never inherit

my tomorrow.

grasp my heart,

a fist full of broken glass


© M.G. Iannucci 2017


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