Song of the Week: The National “Mistaken for Strangers” and a response: Porcelain Doll-man-S Francis/SailorPoet


This week I have spent all the time I have for music listening to The National’s Boxer, getting to know that album in a way I hadn’t. Much like taking the time to read through the “back catalogs” of other writers has enriched my life with a deeper understanding of their writing and stories, so has this process of really listening to music again like I used to when, as a kid, one album would often be on repeat and the details emerged and inspired. Out of this experience, writing emerged in my life. I wanted to put together my own words to help me say the things I didn’t know how or have the confidence to speak, feeling only courage to construct poetry out of this human I felt inside who defied expectations and demands from the world around me. This journey, figuring out the place this person fits…

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