Fluffy Corpse Blush the Melting Fart-Charlie Zero The Poet

Charlie Zero The Poet

By accretion
by men baked personas –
Annex restores the dance destroyed morals.

Intestines heartwarming –
you preserve
the Christian way spunk.

Do accidentally release
this facial cosmetic fart.
Dissolution stays fluffy.

The KDA black crinoline accedes.
The bells fly rouge
abused my avocado corpse.

As blush prokaryotes –
it tells its story
of the drugstore souls
who birth an oak variant.

Her strawberries
turned to human Lips
her cat
turned to 88 vagina voices.

Bereft this ship bilk –
Bloat out erythema
and wear it to symbolize idiopathic.

Dystopian 9141
the webcam animals
hijack your memory.
They make you put a gun to your temple
you smile under god
you mock socialism
you polish the myogenic –
don’t attempt to humanize a maggot.


Sprout programs & Mixture Wings

This idol motion
dune squeaks.
It perplexes
it dirges
it didactics.

Collapse the red contusion –
space blowflies the drink

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