Put The Caution Tape Away, Dear One-Ward Clever

Ward Clever

Isoceles is oceans and currents
Currently on mute
So you may not have heard this
It’s my heart speaking to you directly
Speaking through me
I’m possessed or controlled by it
Sneaking through me
As I’m letting the paying customers in

I dried your circle
Was dripping wet
What was I saying
You made me forget
You’re coming with me
Why are you staying put?
My head is in the clouds
On the ground just one foot

It’s the map telling me “you’re not here”
I knew instinctively
Despite this shampoo label
I can’t do this tearlessly
We take each other for a few rides
Trust, our favorite magazine
We both have issues
I forgot to renew mine last time

Zombies heading for us
Stop shooting me
This kind of fire
Not very friendly
We have each other
Why can’t you just relent?
It’s hard as hell
But this was…

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