Spanish Guitar-Poet Girl Em

Poet Girl Em

Spanish guitar and humid air seduces
as do her lips resting soft on cold glass
dusted with crystallized fears
reflecting regrets, past in a glass
a liquid sunset

A breeze tickles her linen, white clouds
float off the ground, supple skin scented
and coconut
and nectar of sadness

Bare feet and toe rings, a story for every scar
there was wisdom in her flesh
She eyes the distant horizon
dark man with a worldly tan stands
on the edge of her dreams

He breathes her in
her every bitter disappointment, jarring heartbreak
she lingered on his taste buds just long enough
he felt he knew her
her loss, and then, too — her joy

And oh, the smile, that smile…

The kind that can only know ecstasy
for knowing pain

~ Em C.


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