Pandora’s Camera-S Francis/SailorPoet


What do I see after exposure, the photo, one way to capture truth, what do I see? Another photo found a thing, a truth, that wanted to slip inside her black box and expose for me later when I had developer inside our hearts. My heart, she tries to open, but what do I see?  Like color – can I really know what color she saw? Her truth, was it the tanks or the dwelling misty in the background or the faces opening up to her. Truths wanting inside that black box to be drawn and developed and exposed in a dark room. Fixed in time and yet escaped. What do I see after exposure? Do I, can I hold out my hand to them? Wrap, entwine my fingers in theirs – feel that jolt of electricity like an exchange of soulfulness from horror, an underground railway track injected into my heart to try and escape this truth, this reality she exposes to me, a truth…

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