-the missing-Introducing MJ

fragments of my certainty.

I’ve heard that love can only be felt and not seen. In this moment though, when you’ve taken parts of me with you and abandoned me. In this moment, where your voice echoes from wall to wall and imprisons my soul. In this very room, there were bodies intertwined and moans exchanged. In this moment, where you are alive inside my mind. Love is causing heaving pains in my chest. My legs are limp and hands are rooted to the floor. I surrender to gravity and fall to the floor. The floor is frigid against my the warmth of my skin. I shut my eyes and pretend it is not the frigid floor but the sound of your heartbeat pulsating through my ears. I pretend I’m thirteen and we’ve sneaked into the stairs to caress each other’s skin and hold each other’s hands. I imagine your smile and the scar…

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