Spell-Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas

I want to be silenced with kisses

upon kisses that take away all the emptiness

in some loud downtown club

with glass and hope.

where we can’t even hear ourselves speak

because the music is more important

than conversation.

who wants to talk anyway?

about what? how miserable

life is, how hopeful you want it to be?

how people think all this is real?

how Ikea is lonely?

all this magic and no one to cast a spell

on me. all this truth and no one

to say it to. all these lies and no one

to bullshit to. I will always want you

and that is what souls do

when they connect, they have this

memory we can’t keep track of

and in the middle of the day

when you are on the way to

do this or that, you just lay

flat on your face in your car

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