ruthless affection-MJ/My little universe.

fragments of my certainty.

your love is obtainable only when you have to touch the contours on my back

and move your hands around my curves

your tongue does two things

twists with mine or talks about what we do in bed

your love is as selfish as the sunlight

that warms my body

but leaves my heart sour

it comes wordlessly

disorders these silk sheets.

this is our ritual now.

but let me tell you mine,

my ritual.

i wake up because the other side of the bed

seems lighter than last night

it is no surprise that you have left

wordlessly like you came.

it will take days

to get you on the phone

you will say you’re busy

or at least pretend to be

then my rage will attend

and penetrate into parts of me

in which you failed to enter.

it will invite its kin

called chaos.

they will try to love me

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  1. jerennazuto says:

    Amazing writing! So honest and beatiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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