Infirmary…-Eric Syrdal/My Sword and Shield….

My Sword and Shield....

here she finds me
here in this abandoned wing
of my soul
sanitarium tuberculosis ward
red black stains upon the floor
whisping sheets of gauze flutter
in an unfeelable breeze
I have retrieved it again
and clutch it against my chest
as if I could put it back
a tight ball
rolled and crushed
like aluminum foil
soaked in crimson
my hands run sticky with the juice of life
as my madman tongue
waggles to my reflection
against the dirty window

She finds me
like she always does
and I can feel the gravity of her
behind me
I can feel the weight of her
pressing down on these grey oaken floorboards
the foil ball in my hands
quivers with pain
as I turn to look at her
Achingly beautiful
not the sunshine and sky hues of mythic angels
she is ever dark haired
and sullen eyed
a common…

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