Four In The Morning, With No Consequence-Ward Clever

Ward Clever

Ask me anything
I’m all the walls
You hang your favorite pictures on
I’ll savor the images you like
I’m the whispers you think you hear
When you’re walking alone
Down a dark hallway
Comforting and soothing
I’m the sound you hear
Outside your window
At four in the morning
With no consequence
I am the single raindrop
That lands on your nose
When you walk under
That one spot in the eaves
I’m your history book
The one in which you read
About where we came from
We’re going back there, you know
And this time, we’re doing it right
Learning from the past
Standing on our heads
To get a different perspective
I’m the dazzling darkness
When you close your eyes
You think about us
You smile and sigh
And make yourself stop
Ask me anything
You know the answer already
I’ll just look back at you

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  1. Ward Clever says:

    Thank you, SFD! I appreciate all the love this collective has given me today, and I am very grateful and humbled. 🙂

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