Horror Shaped Hearts

Aurora Phoenix/Insights from “Inside”

Insights from "Inside"

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down

the bridge stands while humanity has fallen

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Henny Penny as soothsayer

not crier of wolves

I see every detail

the horror paints upon your heart

hear the timbered anxiety

beating staccato in your chest

with every fiber of my being

I long to decapitate the Medusa’d

monstrous hate that breeds

in fear, timorous and treacherous

I swallow the impulse to call you

(to call everyone I’ve loved)

because life is too short, infinitely precious

to swaddle ourselves in resentments

my cells surge with the urge

to suffocate misunderstanding

misguided envy, misbegotten

progeny of deprivation

I remember when holding you gave comfort

until it suffocated you; I long

to keep that promise we didn’t:

never go to sleep angry


my heart shouts in passionate protest

from mountaintops climbed and toppled

of the powerful…

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