Guest Blog: Her Words-A. Marie Kaluza

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Through her words, she believes

she can open doors, unfurl an umbrella, dress herself, walk upstairs,

build a subcritical reactor, grow a tree, scrub Fata Morgana

from her eyes, unroll a rug, unbind the sea,

understand the owls, resurrect al-Uzza supreme,

reform her DNA with CRISPR technology,

pour her dead grandmother out the urn and breathe life

back into her, divine the weather, know every spot

on every leopard, rewind time and witness

the Cambrian Explosion, her lover cheat, her very first fall

upon the hard sidewalk, Homo naledi burying their dead deep,

witness the JFK shooting, come back,

spill her ink, fire into the future and spin a new world

from the darkness unerring, give birth to beings,

teach them to be needle workers, carpenters, watch them construct doors,

umbrellas, dresses, stairs, she kills all her creations off,

and she plants trees. She believes

in starting over, the dream, the power of her words.

A. Marie Kaluza lives in Seattle, WA. Her poems have appeared in Lunaris Review, The Blue Nib, Ampersand Lit, Slink Chunk Press, The Writing Garden, The Stray Branch, Streetcake Mag, and the most recent volume of the LTA Written Word Series, When Time and Space Conspire. She likes social science, Medieval Bestiaries, and puzzles. She dislikes smog, people thinking kelp is a meal, and writing bios.   She blogs at The Larkspur Horne

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  1. Gawd, Vern. I wish my life was half as exciting as yours! I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and slugs it 9-5 in the corporate world. What have I been missing in life??? The only adventurous thing I can think of is the time I went backpacking to Bali. That’s so lame compared to what you’ve done!I wrote you about bout my ex who ditched me for a Thai bargirl, remember? Loved your blog to death! Added it to my Favorites. I should probably look you up when I hit 30 in a couple of months! Gimme some pointers on how to live like there’s no tomorrow…Elaine (not your sis-in law)


  2. S Francis says:

    Very excellent writing… AND you talk about a sub-critical reactor. Totally geeked out on that.

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    A. Marie Kaluza/Secret First Draft


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    I am loving this guest blog on Secret First Draft from A. Marie Kaluza


    1. I am a big fan of A. Marie and she very generously sent two other pieces I will posting in the two weeks that I am super excited about.

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  5. I love the creating and re-creating with your words and eyes

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