Crows. Carrion. Claws.

S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

S. K. Nicholas


First, comes the removal of our clothes, and the shedding of skin as the flame of the candle slowly climbs the bedroom wall. Second, are my hands that grab your wrists while observing yourbody as it shimmers in the mirror. Mirrors lie, and yet my eyes do not. There’s sweat and the smell of butter. There’s the taste of milk upon your nipple as I fail to control my thirst for what you are, which is a devil and an angel and a whore and a saint rolled into one. When you push me too far, I imagine you wrapped in carpet and being slung into a pit of some kind, never to be seen of again. A little harsh perhaps, but you have a way of winding me up, and to quieten you once and for all is the only thing that gets me through these arguments of ours…

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  1. "Intuitiivisesti ajatellen äänestysaktiivisuuden ei pitäisi korreloida sen kanssa mitä puolueita äänestetään"2003 eduskuntavaalien tuloksista Helsingissä havaitsin seuraavaa: mitä suurempi äänestysprosentti, sitä pienempi PS:n, VAS:n ja SDP:n kannatus; mitä suurempi äänestysprosentti, sitä suurempi kokoomuksen kannatus.


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