Grief Paints Herself Void of Substance

Charlie Zero The Poet and Candice Louisa Daquin of The Feathered Sleep

Charlie Zero The Poet

Hearts distended,
termites feed
my emotional wooden cocoon.

In time unfurled.
Color will vaporize
on heavy lidded sunset.

Tears of saudade,
covet what belongs
trapped in perfidy.

Grief paints herself empty of faith.
Weeping statues dissolve marble;
only traces remain void of substance.

Tornados sob.
Everything wise dead.
Innocence & beauty
withers her philosophy away.

Tension snakes across wires.
Holding us from falling sideways –
lightning casts’ dark skies
stages without masters.

Billion voices atrophy.
Mr. Mirror image
pull the strings from flesh,
happiness cafard,
flowers anorexic.

All things
Stand looking at themselves.
Still against shroud
as we are,
we are no more.
Roll the film
to empty audience.

Sunshine unzips
its complexion;
behind it a sad destiny –
waiting to be held
waiting to wail.

For who among us –
Shelled and pulled, could
in scourge of truth know
Tenderness by our inchworm;
climb to itching greed.

Staple gun…

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